Saturday, May 31, 2008

On my mind lately...

Been a crazy couple of days. Friday morning I woke up and I don't know what in the world I had done, but wow...the back of my shoulder hurt! Tried to get moving and it just hurt too much. I called Joe and he came home to take care of Emery for me. I am one lucky girl! Feeling better today and was able to do some work, so that is good. Anyway, funny thing is I was way behind on everything when this happened and it just made me even more behind. Being behind got me thinking about time and about some things...

There is this phrase from an old finance book we have used in the past and it says, "Take care of what you have before you expand." It really helps in finance situations and I got to thinking this past week that it might well help with chaos in everyday life and taking on too much as well. If I just pay attention to what I already have and take care of it, I might be less likely to take on more which sometimes I tend to do way too much of and then I get overwhelmed. Isn't it crazy how somehow or another, I manage to take on stuff to do all the time?! What is that?! Why do I do that!? I say out loud I will do something before I even realize I do it. Thinking a lot about this and time issues I of course have. I don't know the answers, but I do know I can try to change it. So, my goal is to work on taking care of...

-my health-time for baths, exercise, reading, creating, writing, enough sleep, eating right-meal planning and cooking, reflecting, and thinking
-our dogs and cat-time for baths and play
-our home-time to clean and work on the already massive to do list
-Joe-snuggles and time together
-Emery-time to play, listen, and document
-friends and family-time to call and write hand written letters

And, my biggest goal is to do all of this with what we already have and to NOT take on any more or create anymore to do's!!

...all before I expand.

Does anyone else out there do this too?

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