Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And we go on...

It all started the other day with guests over here and Em throwing major fits and tantrums. (Hence the previous post) WOW. Ok, we are talking way worse than I have EVEN seen him in my life. Well, flash forward to yesterday in which he threw another one. And, now today he is saying things like I don't want to listen to you! Major disrespect going on over here. Needless to say even though he is feeling better in the throat department, we won't be going to a friends for crafts tomorrow or any other fun thing for a while. We need to stay home and really work on a major attitude adjustment. Have you ever taken almost all your kids toys away from them in one day? Well, it happened tonight over here. The child will get food, water, and shelter and that is about it for a while. He is just seeming way too spoiled these days not being happy with what he has or is given and is being very rude. One of his fits today (we had multiple ones) was over him wanting cheese instead of the pizza he asked for and not accepting no for an answer. He just seems to think he will get everything he asks for. He went to bed around 7pm and Joe and I ended the day making a time out chair facing the wall. He is in for a big surprise when he wakes up tomorrow. Now, I am doing my emails and blog and plan to relax on the couch soon with a movie. I need a break!!

P.S. Grandma-you will love this! He said that Grandma and Grandpa were in charge today instead of Mommy and Daddy.

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