Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cows and dogs

So, Em says to me this morning shortly after waking up and while playing with his cars that have been out for the last few days because he is sick at home, "We need cows for our backyard." Ok, so where did he get this one?! Little ones are so funny! He cracks me up. So, I ask him, "Oh many cows do we need?" and he tells me 2. I asked him what we should name them and he said, "Can't member."

More funnies...
Later, Joe tells me about something Em had said while I was out shopping and they were at home playing outside. They had gone out to skate, but Em's skates are now too hoo and way cool at the same time. Anyway, I guess one was laying out still and Em was on to something else but came up to Joe handing him his skate saying, "Here is your dog." I guess the strap reminded him of a leash!

4 year olds are so cool, ain't they?!
Loves. :)

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