Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heavy on my heart

Haiti. Wow. I ordinarily stay away from the news which is why I did not know about this until day 2 due to checking one of my favorite blogs. This time I cannot stay away from the news. Normally, I cannot handle all of the bad news out there. It hurts my heart. This does too, but it so needs to be out there as much as possible because even before a major earthquake hit Haiti, they needed our help. I am sorry that I did not know about Haiti prior to the earthquakes. Yep. I said earthquakeS. They continue to happen. The one good thing that has come out of these earthquakes is that now we are all aware. Aware of their suffering and their deep need. It's only been 8 days and already the news on the major networks is starting to dwindle. 8 days my friends. We need to keep this help and information going way longer than 8 days. So, if you want to help in any way, go here for legitimate agencies. Also, the lovely Miss Rebecca Sower has a beautiful thing going right now. Go here for her blog. Go here to help directly. I am forever grateful to her for opening my eyes. Thank you Rebecca. You have blessed me and continue to impact our world everyday with your kind heart.


Rebecca Sower said...

Amen sister! We cannot let these people fall from our thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for keeping the awareness going.

CD said...

Wonderful post!

I just wanted to stop by and thank-you for the kind note you left me, I am truly doing wonderful just in the middle of selling our home and moving to the country so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for now.

God Bless,