Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please keep my son Emery in your prayers...

This week has been one big rollercoaster ride...a bad one with A LOT of ups & downs. It all started Monday night around 5pm when I noticed his left eye was turning inward and then he told me he saw two of me. Scared me. Checked with a nurse friend to make sure I was not panicking by taking him to emergency. Wanted to make sure it was not a brain thing before he slept. We got to the hospital around 6:30pm and made it home around 2:30am. He got a CT scan while there which turned up normal so the doc told us to see a neurologist and an optimologist the next day. Said he was not in any immediate danger and could sleep fine.

We saw a WONDERFUL pediatric neurologist on Tuesday and the pediatric optimologist on Wednesday. The neurologist pushed for a MRI while the optimologist said it’s just farsightedness. We also ordered glasses on Wednesday. The MRI was on Thursday and showed up normal as well. So, Friday we were back to “just needing glasses.”

Today, however, his right eye started doing the same thing so now he is basically cross-eyed and is still seeing double. Other than that, he is fine and quite happy. I spoke with the neurologist today about the second eye because I am to keep her informed of any changes and now she will be asking some other docs to try to figure out what is going on. We may be looking at more tests and possibly some kind of eye disease that comes from the central nervous system. We may also be seeing a pediatric neuro-optimologist. It is all just so scary. I want him to be able to see right. Poor little guy.

So, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We really would like some resolve on this whole thing. I also want to thank our pastor, Brother Joe for being right there with Emery and I through it while Daddy had to be away. Daddy is back now so that helps a lot.

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