Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, this guy has heartworm. HEARTworm. So scary. So many thoughts, so many feelings. Poor guy. Yes, we have had all our pets on preventative medicines, but somehow. Anyway, he goes in Monday for treatment. They keep him a week (actually planned a few extra days to be able to do some Halloweeny fun with Emery) and we pick him up the following Monday. We have to keep him calm for 5 weeks. Yep, 5 weeks. If he is not calm, bad things could happen. Wow. It's interesting how life can just stop in an instant. We are doing ok and he has not even been looking or acting sick so I am glad they caught it on a routine exam before it got worse. God has a way of making sure even in scary times things will be ok. So, we plan to shut down over here as much as possible (less coming and going) to keep him calm. You will probably see me a lot more on here and wow, my home should end up a lot cleaner too! HA HA! I see some good playing, relaxing, and organizing in order. Please keep Jack in your prayers. Loves for now...

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