Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok, you ever feel like you cannot do ANYTHING right?! Whew...taking one FIT at a time. Thanks be to God it's almost bedtime! Maybe a bit of rest will do us both good!? Thinking that my word of the year STABILITY is really being challenged! I will make it thru it, I will make it thru it, I will, I WILL! :)

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ThoughtsGalore said...

Stability..hmmm. Sometime it just sucks. Once that is acknowledged and we have a meltdown in the shower, at midnight, in the shower, or during naptime...then we can stabilize the rest of the stuff. It's tough, espciallly moving and having to start all over again. I feel it sweetie. Breathing is easy to say...just remember to do it daily. One of my favorite things on my iPod (new one) is the podcast Mediation Oasis. All kinds of guided relaxing breathing and it's awesome. Try it if you can. If not a good dose of some Anti-D followed with something to stabalize you and then a little anti-anxiety medicine can work too. I took buspar, but my new doctor changed it all up and not sure it's working yet, but my hormones are crazy so we'll say. I do klonopin in tiny doses morning in afternoon and then reg at night. I do anti-d and a new one called lamictal. We'll see. I'm thinking of you. xoxo (no spell check so be