Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 year olds are cool.

Emery: I was dreaming.

Me: Oh yeah? What were you dreaming about?

Emery: Sharks and alligators and crocodiles and sharks with a aa aah fins.

Me: Ooh. Those are scary dreams! You should have dreams about nice things like candy and God and family and home.

Emery: And, don't forget air conditioners!

Me: Yep. Air conditioners are good things, huh?

Emery: Yeah.

Me: Now, you have sweet, sweet happy dreams, ok? No scary ones.

Emery: Yeah. And poison fish too!

Me: Poison fish? No. That would be scary! Only good ones, ok?

Emery: Ok.

Snores a few minutes later.

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